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Healing the Total Woman


With one in five people in America being affected by mental illness in today's society, it is extremely important to aid our communities in raising mental health awareness, providing assistance to those in need and fighting the stigma that surrounds it. For that and many other reasons, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Oasis Empowerment Center, Inc. will be hosting our second annual event, “A Rendezvous at The Chateau” in Kissimmee, Florida. During this weekend-long event, with the help of licensed professionals and counselors, our aim is to provide a safe place for women to get the mental,  physical, spiritual and emotional support that they need to take steps toward making lasting changes in their lives. There will be focused sessions from licensed counselors to bolster the mind and educate the individuals on emotional well-being practices designed to help prevent suicide and other negative behaviors, light and fun exercise to fortify the body, spa amenities to encourage relaxation as well as much more. 

We are so honored to be blessed with the ability of assisting each woman as she works toward healing her WHOLE self, and are grateful for the help of other like minded people along the way.



To raise each individual's spirit, there will be fun interactive games as well as dancing, movie nights and other surprises to ensure that each individual thoroughly enjoys themself.


Pastor Pearl Roberts as well as other ministers will be available to speak with the ladies on the spiritual level. During this time, they will be able to reflect on all areas and work through their challenges through prayer and a time of soaking and reflection.



Three Social Workers with MSW degrees, as well as a licensed 

therapist will be on site during our stay. The licensed professionals will delve into all areas of mental health from depression to grief through group session, as well as individually as needed to ensure that every guest is comfortable.



A personal trainer will provide morning workout sessions catered to each individual and their level of capability, as well as a holistic nutritionist to teach healthy habits and the importance of taking care of our bodies. Once that is complete, everyone will receive an exquisite spa service to teach them how to relax and how to develop healthy breathing habits.


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